'Blue Parrot' Tulip Bulbs, Parrot

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Colour Lilac
Flowering May

Tulipa 'Blue Parrot'

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Tulipa Blue Parrot

Apart from being one of the latest flowering tulips, the remarkable things about Blue Parrot tulips are its size and colour. This is a veritable giant of a tulip growing up to 60 cm tall. As far as colour goes, its huge mauve-blue flowers are perfectly laciniated (fringed!) while the petals really do look like plumage in the way that the colour is distributed. The texture has that satiny sheen and slightly crinkled and crushed look advocated by Yohji Yamamoto back in the 90s. This is simply a show-stopper of a tulip that will be admired by all who see it. Really deserving of a place in our range of tulip bulbs for sale. Sometimes it is impossible to believe it is a real, and not a silk flower.

Tulips in your garden

Almost outlandish in their ability to ornament a garden, you can either exaggerate their frills and swags with other flamboyant tulips like Black Parrot or the yellow Crystal Star or tone it down by choosing simpler formed tulips like Atlantis or Queen of Night which flower at the same time. Parrot tulips do look spectacular in large pots or urns but will need some support, unless you grow lots together. Because of their height, they will stand out even in the middle of a border and can be cleverly integrated with pink and purple colour schemes. Being the exotic creatures that they are, they do not like cold and wet conditions so place them in a sheltered spot, away from wind and the worst of the weather. The sheer originality of this tulip makes it a florist's dream too.

Features of Tulipa Blue Parrot

  • Height: 60 cm
  • Colour: Mauve-blue
  • Flowering time: mid-May
  • Size of flower: up to 12 cm
  • Scent: none
  • Group: Parrot
  • Foliage: mid-green
Titbits about Parrot tulips

These tulips were developed from some of the later flowering Triumph tulips. As a result, they can flower at different times and at different heights. Parrots feature in many cultures and societies, but perhaps the one to bring to mind so that you will always smile when you see your parrot tulip is a certain Dead Parrot sketch!

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