Rancho Cherry Trees

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Colour Pink - Dark
Also Good Autumn Colour

Cherry, Rancho - Standard
Prunus sargentii Rancho - Standard

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Prunus Sargentii Rancho

Prunus sargentii Rancho is a narrow form of the beautiful Prunus sargentii cherry tree which has pink blossom and brilliant autumn colour. Rancho is probably the most upright of the flowering cherries. Young trees are extremely narrow and although they will begin to spread out a bit more when they are mature, they never lose their erect form and old trees (50 years+) shouldn't develop a canopy more than about 3-4 metres wide. It has profuse, dark pink flowers that appear on bare wood in the spring, while its copper-purple young leaves are still very small. The leaves have serrated edges and turn dark glossy green in the summer. In autumn, they put on an awesome display of red and dark yellow. The flowers can sometimes be followed by small, bitter cherries which are taken by birds and squirrels. Prunus Rancho has rather shiny, smooth reddish brown bark that shows well when the tree is dormant. The trees can reach a height of about 14 metres but with a canopy no more than 4 metres wide.

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History & uses of Prunus sargentii Rancho: This flowering cherry was introduced to Britain from America in 1950. It is perfect for tight spaces because it is so narrow in form.

How Standard Trees are Measured:
All our large trees are graded by their girth in centimetres 1 metre above ground level. They aren't measured by their height. So, a 6/8 standard has a trunk with a circumference of 6-8 centimetres and an 8/10 standard has a trunk 8-10 centimetres. In any variety an 8/10 is taller than a 6/8 but the heights between different varieties can vary hugely. So standard trees are roughly 2.5 - 4.5 metres tall.



Planting times for barerrot plant is November to April
Bareroot and potted - what' s the difference?

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