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Cosmos Double Click Rose Bon Bon Seedlings

Key Data
Misc Wildlife Value
Colour Pink - Medium
Type Seedling
Also Good Repeat Flowering
Flowering May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov

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Cosmos Double Click Rose Bon Bon

Cosmos Bon Bon carries beautiful, pastel mid-pink double flowers up to 8 cms in diameter in a non-stop assault on the visual senses between (depending on when you plant it) May and November. It is quite a tall plant - in the right situation it can reach 100 cms - which Means you probably don't want it right at the front of a border. So position it towards the middle but keep it within reach - we have a stepping stone in our border so we can reach the cosmos without compacting the soil as we cut from them about twice a week. It is a brilliant cutting flower as well as being beautiful in the garden. Which, is pretty much why we chose to include Cosmos Rose Bon Bon in our range of cosmos seedlings for sale.

Cosmos Rose Bon Bon cuts a real dash planted in numbers, by itself. Try it and see, but It also works incredibly well mixed up with the other double Cosmos such as Cranberries and Snow Puff. And that pink is fabulous in a grey container with silver-leaved companions

Annual Cosmos of any variety ought to be in every child's first garden because they are the easiest plants to grow. They will also be in my last garden because they are so beautiful and rewarding. All they need is sun, water and well-drained but moisture retentive soil. Given those you reap a reward in terms of flowers per square metre that is unmatched by any other plant you can grow in the UK. So having a patch somewhere is simply essential.

Cut it to use indoors or deadhead it as the flowers fade and Rose Bon Bon will flower from late spring to late autumn when it will be cut down by the first frosts.

  • Type: Half-hardy Annual
  • Flowers: Double, ruffled up to 8cms across
  • Colour: Pastel pink
  • Height: 90-100 cms
  • Planting Months: April - June/July
  • Flowering: May - November
  • Plant Spacing: 35-50 cms
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