Family Apple Tree Bramley/Christmas Pippin/Scrumptious

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Misc Multi Purpose, Pollinator, Self fertile
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Christmas Pippin, Scrumptious and Bramley Apples on One Tree

Family apple trees are a great choice for the small garden as they carry multiple varieties of apple but with the "footprint" of one. Ours are pruned into a "bush" shape, which means that they have a short trunk of about 60 cms (2 ft) topped with a goblet shaped branch structure. They therefore do not take up as much room as a normal tree. If you prefer you can also buy a family apple tree from us with just eating apples on it.

This tree has three varieties of apple grafted onto one trunk. The varieties chosen are compatible pollinators so the tree pollinates itself without needing help from a pollinator and all three varieties hold the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit (RHS AGM). It has everyone's favourite cooker and two of the best British eaters you can buy:

Bramley Cookers: Big, tangy apples that are perfect for baking with brown sugar or treacle and eating with cream. Raisins are recommended but are entirely optional. What is less well known is that Bramleys also make great juicing apples and are a principal component in some of the largest selling ciders from houses such as Bulmers.

Scrumptious : This is a relatively modern early eating apple. Its parentage is Golden Delicious and Discovery. Scrumptious is a cracking eater and a really good "doer" that produces sweet, early fruiting eating apples that crop heavily and also juice really well.

Christmas Pippin: Not much to be added. One of the quintessentially British eating apples. Crunchy, sharp, good keeping and delicious at Christmas. Christmas Pippin an aromatic apple used as an eater, for juicing and it can be used as the "sweet" in blended ciders.

All our family apple trees are grown and delivered in 12 litre pots.

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