Hyacinth Bulbs

Hyacinth Bulbs for Sale

Hyacinths - with their heavenly scent, brave colours and huge flower heads - are as good indoors at Christmas as in late spring outside. They do well in flower borders at a time when few other plants show much colour. Take a look at the rest of our premium bulbs for sale.

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  1. Carnegie Hyacinths

    Hyacinth - Carnegie

    From £3.89
    • Colour: White
    • Height: 25cm
    • Scent:fragrant
    • Flowering:late Spring unless forced
    • Bulb Size:14-16 cm
    • Planting Depth:10-12cm
    • Planting: Sep-Dec
    • Pack Pricing

  2. City of Haarlem Hyacinths

    Hyacinth - City of Haarlem

    From £4.55
    • Colour:yellow
    • Height:30cm
    • Scent:Fragrant
    • Flowering:Late Spring or force
    • Bulb Size:14-16cm
    • Planting Depth:10-12cm
    • Planting Months:Sep-Dec
    • Pack pricing

  3. Delft Blue Hyacinth

    Hyacinth - Delft Blue

    From £3.89
    • Colour:Blue
    • Height:25cm
    • Scent:Fragrant
    • Flowering:Late Spring or force indoors
    • Bulb Size:14-16cm
    • Planting Depth:12-15cm
    • Plant: Sep-Dec

  4. Fondant Hyacinth Flowers

    Hyacinth - Fondant

    From £3.89
    • Colour:Pink
    • Height:25cm
    • Spread:20 cm
    • Scent: Very fragrant
    • Flowering:Late Spring, force indoors
    • Size: 14-16 cm
    • Planting Depth:12-15cm
    • Planting Months:Sep-Dec

  5. Jan Bos Hyacinth Bulbs

    Hyacinth - Jan Bos

    From £3.89
    • Colour: Red
    • Height/Spread: 20cm
    • Scent: Fragrant
    • Flowering: Spring. Treated bulbs can be forced
    • Bulb Size: 14/17 cm
    • Planting Depth: 28-30 cm
    • Planting: September to December

  6. White Pearl Hyacinths

    Hyacinth - White Pearl

    From £5.29
    • Colour:White
    • Height:25cm
    • Spread:10 cm
    • Scent: Fragrant
    • Flowering: Late Spring. Can be forced indoors
    • Bulb Size: 14-16 cm
    • Planting Depth:10-12cm
    • Plant:Sep-Dec

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