Greengage & Goldgage Trees

There is perhaps no fruit more reminiscent of long hot summer days than greengages (and their very close cousins the golden gages). Sweeter than plums and mouthwateringly, deliciously moreish every garden should have one. Pollination should not be an issue as they cross pollinate readily with nearby plums and damsons. Our range is good which is why greengages have their own section in our catalogue of fruit trees

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  1. Cambridge Gage on the tree

    Gage Trees - Cambridge

    From £12.95
    Cambridge Gage
    • Eating & Cooking.
    • Self Fertile
    • Crops in late August
    • Pollination Group D

  2. Plum Trees - Dennistons Superb

    Plum Trees - Dennistons Superb

    From £12.95

    Plum Dennistons Superb

    • Green, gage like fruit, but it is a plum!
    • Sometimes called Imperial Gage
    • Easy to Grow

  3. Gage Trees - Old Greengage

    Gage Trees - Old Greengage

    From £12.95
    Old Greengage
    • Eating.
    • Self Sterile
    • Crops in August

  4. Jeffersons Gage (ripe)

    Gage Trees - Jeffersons

    From £12.95

    Jeffersons Gage - Eating

    • Bred in the US
    • Named after Thomas Jefferson
    • Fruits from August onwards

  5. Oullins Golden Gage

    Gage Trees - Oullins Golden Gage

    From £12.95

    Plum Oullins Golden Gage

    • Large golden fruit
    • Dessert plum
    • Stores well

  6. Gage Trees - Reine Claude de Bavay

    Gage Trees - Reine Claude de Bavay

    From £12.95
    Reine Claude de Bavay
    • Eating.
    • Self Fertile
    • Crops in September
    • Pollination Group C

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