How to Prune Wisteria Climbing Plants (Video)

How and When to Prune Wisteria

Wisteria should be pruned in early spring when there are no frosts. The reason for pruning your climbers is to encourage flowering.

You will need some garden snips or secateurs.

Hi, I’m Andi from Ashridge Nurseries. It's early spring and we’re going to have a little look at giving this wisteria a nice little prune back to encourage flowering. So I've got my nice little pair of snips. I probably don't need my gloves, but I'm going to have that one.

This is last year's growth and here we have one tiny little bud here, and we can either cut there at the one bud, or I can just leave the two. They're so close together, I'm just going to cut at two - and it's that easy. And I'm going to lose that little tatty end as well. You can see it's over a huge clematis, so it might take a while.

It's a little bit dead, so that can go. There’s a little bit dead there, so that can go and again, you can see there’s a dead tip so that’s going to go back to one bud.

We just keep working away, so you overall reduce the old growth, it's not going to do anything drastic to the way the plant looks, but it makes a big difference to how it flowers, so just keep plodding on.

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