Planting Wallflowers & Tulips Together (Video)

How to Interplant Wallflowers & Tulips

Planting biennial Wallflowers & Tulips together is the classic combination and will be a spring beauty! Order your tulip bulbs and wallflowers today.


Today we're going to plant wallflowers and tulips, usually more popular in the Victorian times, in parks. So, we're going to plant three drifts today. We have two types of tulips, which you've mixed up. Tulip soles, don't forget, flat part is there. If you rub it, you'll usually see the roots, just starting to poke through.

If in doubt, it's the pointy end up, and if you're still not sure, plant it on its side. Tulips are usually planted two to three times as deep as the height of the bulb. Put three in, spaced out. Cover it over. Start with the next one, about three or four inches deep. Put your bulbs in. Three bulbs again, and cover them over. 

So, just as a precaution, we've soaked the wallflowers before we plant. So, we've left them here for about 10 to 15 minutes. The wallflowers you'll get from Ashridge has at least 20 seedlings in a pot. Depending on how much you split them up, you'll get at least five or six good clumps out of it, so just unpot them and kind of gently tease them apart. It comes apart fairly easily. And then you can, if you want to, tear a pot in half and then you want kind of four good clumps.

And this one, if you want a few more clumps, just kind of take it a little bit gently.

Try and get at least two or three seedlings in each section. So, now we've split the wallflowers up, just gotta remember where ... that's to mark out where you actually planted your tulips. And then we've got six clumps of that one. That's a primrose (colour) and these ones are white. So, if you just mix them up a little bit and then we'll start planting them.

Don't need to go too far down: these, really about an inch, inch and a half deep. Put your fingers in and just put them in, like that.

If you dig too far down, you'll end up chopping the tulips that you just planted.

The last job to do is to give them a good watering. 

They are planted so that these wildflowers get 20-30cm  high and then start to flower. And then the tulips that we've chosen, they'll get 40, 50, 60cm high, and they'll make a fantastic display in the spring.

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