How to Prune Autumn Fruiting Raspberries

Pruning Autumn Fruiting Raspberries raspberries

Autumn Fruiting Raspberry canes make their fruit on the tips of stems that grew up from the ground in the same year, as opposed to summer fruiting varieties that fruit on old growth.

Autumn fruiting raspberry canes are really easy to prune: Do nothing in the year of planting. Then each year just cut all the stems down to ground level in winter (when fruiting has finished and before February). Remove or burn the canes.

New growth will emerge from the base of the plant in spring and will fruit in autumn. Easy.

Autumn raspberries are best grown between parallel wires about 2.5 feet / 75cms apart.

Autumn Bliss and Joan J are the two popular Autumn Raspberries that we grow - you can browse all our raspberry canes for sale here.

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