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Planting Your 9cm Herb Pots (Video)
Julian Bosdari 11 Dec 2020

How to Plant Your p9 / 9cm Potted Herbs Here's what you need to do when you receive your 9cm herbs from us. You will need your 9cm herb, a 3 litre taupe (recyclable) pot, compost & watering can. TRANSCRIPT These are the nine centimetre vegetables-herbs-plants you can buy from Ashri...

Potting up Herb Plugs (Video)
Julian Bosdari 11 Dec 2020

How to Pot your Herb Plugs In the video below, Andy our head nurseryman will show you what you'll get when you order herb plugs from us. You will need your herb plugs, a 9cm pot, and water. TRANSCRIPT We're going to show you what to do when you get your vegetables-herbs-plants from Ashridge...

Planting Tomatoes
Julian Bosdari 4 Apr 2022

// Planting Tomtoes: How To Grow And Care For Tomato Plants All you need to know about growing tomatoes in your garden plus our top tips and recipes for this delicious fruit (yes, it’s a fruit) Tomatoes are one of the easiest and most rewarding vegetables to grow in your...

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