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Hedge Plant Advice

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How to Plant a Beech Hedge
Julian Bosdari 3 Nov 2016

Beech Hedging One of the most popular types of hedging planted in the UK, a beech hedge can last for hundreds of years. No matter the size, beech hedging can be easy to plant, maintain and care for. In this guide, we outline all you need to know when planting beech hedging. These instructions a...

The Best Hedging for Horses
Julian Bosdari 31 Jan 2017

Hedging for Horses Not only do we have a fantastic range of hedging, but horse friendly hedging is a subject especially close to our hearts as we are in Somerset and close to Dorset and Wiltshire - all counties full of keen horsey folk. Keeping horses and ponies safe in their fields is key so ha...

All About Lavender
Georgina Robson 7 Mar 2017

Beginner's Guide to Everything Lavender Vita Sackville-West, chatelaine of Sissinghurst, suggests in her Garden Book that all gardeners should have “the good sense to grow lavender along paths or in a clump by your front door so that you can pinch the leaves as you go past”. It is h...

Bareroot Plants compared to Potted plants.
Julian Bosdari 31 Mar 2017

Bare-root plants most notably hedging plants are only delivered in the winter season, from November to April. Pot grown plants can be delivered all year round Advantages of Bare-root plants: You pay less for the same size plants. You can carry and plant them more easily. You only plant them...

Planting Rootballed Yew
Julian Bosdari 9 Sep 2017

How to plant a hedge of rootballed yew  Having survived the last Ice Age, Yew is probably the toughest tree in the UK. It establishes well grows steadily rather than slowly, forgives bad clipping, car crashes and other accidents, looks good practically anywhere and adds value to your p...

Hedging for Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts and other Eyesores
Georgina Robson 29 Sep 2017

Ace hedges for Tennis Courts Nothing makes a garden look more loved than well-kept hedges. Whether offering protection from weather, prying eyes and outsiders, or for creating secret places or surprises, a hedge is the standout tool in the garden designer's box of tricks. Which is useful beca...

Transplanting Evergreen Plants and Shrubs
Julian Bosdari 30 Sep 2017

Moving Evergreens Moving plants is often the best solution to a problem, but there are definite steps along the way to doing this successfully; this article is all about moving evergreens like box, yew or pyracantha. The stress of being dug up and moved can be minimised with a bit of planning...

How to Separate Spirals (Video)
Julian Bosdari 19 Dec 2017

Taking Rabbit Spirals apart Here is a top tip if you have never used rabbit spirals before. Spirals, rabbit guards, call them what you will, are manufactured in rolls of 5 spirals. Because they are coiled like springs (there is probably some law of physics governing this) the harder you try to ...

Bareroot plants and Snowy and Freezing Weather
Julian Bosdari 31 Jan 2019

What To Do When it Snows or Freezes  You can't beat that first moment, can you, when you wake to a strangely muffled world, pull back the curtains and...aahhh! Deep snow. So pretty, so pristine and...arghh! What's the journey to work going to be like? Ho hum.  Still, before you set of...

Pruning a Pyracantha Bush (Video)
Julian Bosdari 20 Nov 2020

How to Reduce the Size of a Pyracantha Bush Sometimes a hedge can get a little out of hand if it's not trimmed back ofter enough. Here in the video below, it shows you how to trim back a Pyracantha and how to re-train it against the fence. You will need a good pair of secateurs, leather gloves,...

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