Help with Buying Laurel Hedges and Trees

Advice on Buying Laurel Hedge Plants & Trees laurel leaves

This is a guide to the different laurel plants for hedging that we sell, their delivery and planting.

All the laurels make ideal evergreen hedging plants.

    • They all have one thing in common: they need reasonably well drained soil.

Guide to Choosing the 3 varieties of laurel hedging for sale here

 Cherry LaurelPortugal LaurelSpotted Laurel
Other Common Names Common Laurel, English Laurel Portuguese Laurel Variegated Laurel
Botanical Name Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia Prunus lusitanica Angustifolia Aucuba japonica Variegata / Crotonifolia
Approx. Price Range Per Plant 1.75 - 80.00 1.90 - 80.00 6.00 - 17.00
Delivery Sizes Available 30 - 175cms 30 - 170cms 60 - 125cms
Delivery Seasons Bareroot:
Pot-grown Only:
May - Oct
Notes on Growing
  • Good in poor soil & shade.
  • Pretty, strong scented flowers.
  • Good in poor soil & shade.
  • The most cold hardy.
  • Pinkish leaf stems.
  • Good in dry, poor soil & shade.
  • The most drought resistant.
  • Spotted leaves.


Laurel Plants for Hedging - Bareroot vs Pot-grown: Laurel hedge plants can be delivered bareroot in winter (Nov-March) or pot-grown for the rest of the year.

  • Bareroot plants are cheaper, easier to handle and, because you plant them in winter, they will usually be watered well by the rain as they establish.
  • Pot-grown plants are just as good, but you must be able to water them during dry spells when they are establishing or they will die.
  • Spotted Laurel & Bay Laurel have sensitive roots and can only be delivered in pots.
  • The bigger delivery sizes (graded at over 60cms tall) of Common Laurel & Portugal Laurel are only be delivered in pots.


Laurel hedge planting guide
All the laurels we sell are great for evergreen hedging. Common Laurel, Spotted Laurel and Portugal Laurel are all excellent for planting in poor soil and shady areas.

  • Spotted Laurel is the best choice if your site is dry (remember that you must be able to water your plants while they are settling in).
  • Portugal Laurel is the hardiest, and it also is the laurel hedge that clips the best.
  • Common Laurel is the fastest growing laurel hedge and its large leaves are most effective at providing a sound and light barrier. It is the ideal evergreen hedge to reduce traffic pollution.
  • Choose from a range of delivery sizes - all the Laurel hedging for sale here will reach the same final height in the end.
  • Smaller plants are best if you are on a tight budget or if there is no hurry to get a big hedge. The smallest sizes of Common Laurel & Portugal Laurel are only sold bareroot.
  • Bigger plants will give you instant effect and a mature hedge more quickly - the largest sizes of Common Laurel & Portugal Laurel are only sold pot-grown.

Browse all of our laurel hedging for sale or see our full range of hedging plants.

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