Hedge Plants with Berries

All hedge plants (if they are allowed) flower and fruit. Many are pretty insignificant though - most people never notice a beech tree in flower or fruit for example. This list is all about hedging plants that carry berries peopleberries notice.It is not an inclusive list (none of our lists are) and we have deliberately left out plants such as blackberries which are a bit thug like and where the fruit is either eaten or rots quickly.Some of the plants on this list carry their berries for months on end.All are valuable food sources for wildlife.

As always, if you think the list is missing something, or is incorrect in some way, please let us know by leaving a comment at http://blog.ashridgetrees.co.uk/sitecomments

Blackthorn, Sloe

A good hedging plant in its own right where being smart is not too important

Cotoneaster simonsii

Red Berried, evergreen andimpenetrable when well grown

Cotoneaster franchettii

Orange berried, usually evergreen (except in hard winters) clips well.

Hawthorn, Quickthorn

(Crataegus monogyna) This actually makes a very neat, tough berried hedge all by itself


Evergreen hedging with familiar prickly leaves that grows almost anywhere, looks good at Christmas


(Firethorn) Beautiful berries, evergreen and vicious thorns. Grows fast and clips well

Sea Buckthorn

(Hippophae rhamnoides) Don't be put off by the name. A beautiful plant that does well in poor soil. Lovely silvery foliage as well

Wayfarer, Wayfaring Tree

(Viburnum lantana) The most beautiful native hedge plant there is. Best mixed with hawthorn, blackthorn etc

Viburnum tinus Eve Price

Outstanding evergeen hedging plant that carries its berries through the summer and flowers through the winter.

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