Watering Establishing Plants in Summer

Watering Trees, Shrubs & Roses in Summer

  • Pot-grown plants are happy being planted out in summer, but they need you to water them often during dry weather.
  • Trees & hedging that you planted last summer or winter are still establishing and also need you to water them.

The easiest way to water a hedge or line of shrubs is with a leaky pipe: you can use a timer to turn it on and off in the morning.
Using some kind of mulch will help to preserve the soil moisture.

Or, of course, you can get Iris to do it for you...

How to water your plants:
If you planted out container grown trees & shrubs, all the roots will start off close to stem of the plant. Until they have had a chance to "escape" into the surrounding soil it is really important to make sure that those rootball are well soaked. Direct the water right next to the plant's stem, water slowly and return to the plant several times over the ocurse of a couple of hours if there is a risk the rootball is dry.

How often should you water Newly Planted Trees and Shrubs in summer?
In a hot, dry summer, with little cloud cover and no rain, your new plants will need to be watered:

  • every 2 days if the soil is very dry and / or sandy.
  • every 4 days if the soil holds water.
  • every 6 days if the soil is holds water and is in the shade.

The idea is to let the soil dry out a little before you water it again so roots are not waterlogged which for most establishing plants is as bad being completely dry.
Please Remember: It is possible to overwater your plants, especially if you are on heavy soil. You can check the soil to see if it needs water: dig down about 5 cms: if the soil is dry and dusty there, then it's time to water. If it is damp, don't water.

When should I water my plants?
Plants need water most during the day, so the early morning, before the sun warms up the soil, is best.

Your plants also need mulch to trap the moisture.

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