Monthly Gardening Tips

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How to Make Leafmould
Julian Bosdari 29 Oct 2017

Make Leafmould Yourself We keep harping on about things like garden hygiene. After a day such as this spent raking up leaves blown off our hedging by the unseasonably high winds last week, we try another tack and suggest a leaf rake, a still autumnal day and a few calories worth of energy e...

What is the June Drop? Fruit Tree Advice
Julian Bosdari 24 Jun 2020

What is the ‘June drop’? Simple - Lots of apple or pear fruitlets on the ground under your precious fruit trees in June long before they are ripe. While the June Drop can look frightening, there’s usually no need to worry about it. In midsummer, most fruit trees shed some...

Scarifying the Lawn (Video)
Julian Bosdari 27 Oct 2020

How to Scarify and Rejuvenate your Lawn Scarify your lawn in the Autumn every two to three years to get rid of any old grass and moss. This will enable the air and water back into the growth of the lawn, ready for spring. You can also apply a feed either now, or in the spring.  Give i...

Mulch your Garden in Late Winter (Video)
Julian Bosdari 9 Feb 2021

How and When to Apply Mulch The best time to mulch your garden is late winter, early spring. It's one of the best things you can do for your garden, as it adds nutrients from decayed plants back into the soil, pretty much like in nature, but better. You will need some compost a garden fork. If ...

Monthly Advice - January Jobs in the Garden
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

JANUARY IN YOUR GARDEN The weather can be so fickle at this time of year - warm one day, wet another and freezing the next day, January can be pretty sharp when it chooses. So preparing for the worst is just sensible. Also please note that ALL pruning advice assumes the work is done on a day w...

Monthly Advice - February Jobs in the Garden
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

FEBRUARY IN YOUR GARDEN  Hedging This is a tip that will be repeated several times here and next month. The best months for planting most bareroot hedging, if you did not get it in in November, are February and March. Spring kicks the plants into growth and they do not spend too lo...

Monthly Advice - March Jobs in the Garden
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

MARCH IN YOUR GARDEN  Hedging  Hopefully you have mulched well around your newly planted - and even established - hedge plants but if you have not, weeds start to emerge this month and next stealing food and water just when young hedge plants need them most. It is easiest to get rid...

Plants that look Beautiful in March
Julian Bosdari 6 Mar 2017

Hazel catkins, the little lambs' tails heralds of spring - the longer they are, the closer the spring. Plant it now for next year. Narcissus 'Cheerfulness' for its powerful scent and the double flowers are utterly charming. Plant them in the Autumn (we’ll remind you!) Prunu...

Monthly Advice - April Jobs in the Garden
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

APRIL IN YOUR GARDEN  Hedging  Our cold store is now crammed with bareroot hedging for planting over the next four weeks. As long as you can water them, any hedge plants will do well planted now and this is now probably the best time of all to plant beech hedging. However...

Plants that look Beautiful in April
Julian Bosdari 2 Apr 2017

Our monthly round up of the current stars in the garden. These are plants that you absolutely should NOT BUY NOW. April is the worst possible month to plant them as they are putting all their energies into flowering. Much better to admire them - for real if possible - and then put them on your p...

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