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All About Flowering Cherry Trees
Julian Bosdari 2 Apr 2017

The Splendour of Sakura  In Japan, the arrival of cherry blossom is cause for holiday abandon: salary man leaves his office to find the most special trees and picnics under the petals, toasting spring and the gods. This annual frenzy of celebration is not done here, but even the most harden...

Monthly Advice - April Jobs in the Garden
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

APRIL IN YOUR GARDEN  Hedging  Our cold store is now crammed with bareroot hedging for planting over the next four weeks. As long as you can water them, any hedge plants will do well planted now and this is now probably the best time of all to plant beech hedging. However...

Plants that look Beautiful in April
Julian Bosdari 2 Apr 2017

Our monthly round up of the current stars in the garden. These are plants that you absolutely should NOT BUY NOW. April is the worst possible month to plant them as they are putting all their energies into flowering. Much better to admire them - for real if possible - and then put them on your p...

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