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Hedging for Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts and other Eyesores
29 Sep 2017

Ace hedges for Tennis Courts Nothing makes a garden look more loved than well-kept hedges. Whether offering protection from weather, prying eyes and outsiders, or for creating secret places or surprises, a hedge is the standout tool in the garden designer's box of tricks. Which is useful beca...

Pruning a Pyracantha Bush (Video)
Julian Bosdari 20 Nov 2020

How to Reduce the Size of a Pyracantha Bush Sometimes a hedge can get a little out of hand if it's not trimmed back ofter enough. Here in the video below, it shows you how to trim back a Pyracantha and how to re-train it against the fence. You will need a good pair of secateurs, leather gloves,...

Monthly Advice - October Jobs in the Garden
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

Jobs for October  Hedging Deciduous Hedging Bare-root hedging can be planted all through the winter.  Unless it is already wet, younger existing and newly planted deciduous hedges could do with some watering and a quick weed at the base if you have not used a mulch mat. Conifer...

Planting Bare Rooted Plants
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

How to Plant Bare root plants Although this note is aimed mainly at planting hedging, all bare rooted plants whether they are seedlings, shrubs, soft fruit, fruit trees or large ornamental trees need the same basic treatment before, during and after planting. Follow these simple instructions an...

Hedge Plants - Coastal
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

Hedge Plants for Coastal and Seaside Hedging  Some hedge plants are much happier and grow into better hedging in strong winds and salt airs than others. In some cases (Sea Buckthorn, Gorse etc) this is because they naturally occur by the sea or on hilltops, perhaps preferring poorer, sandy ...

Hedge Planting - Mulching and Rabbit Protection
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

Mulching Hedge Plants  Weeds kill hedging. They probably kill more hedge plants than rabbits and disease combined. Mulches serve the dual purpose of suppressing weeds and helping the ground retain moisture. The difference in growth rates between mulched and un-mulched hedging can be as...

Help with Buying Laurel Hedges and Trees
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

Advice on Buying Laurel Hedge Plants & Trees  This is a guide to the different laurel plants for hedging that we sell, their delivery and planting. All the laurels make ideal evergreen hedging plants. They all have one thing in common: they need reasonably well drained soil. ...

Hedge Care Checklist - Spring & Summer
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

New Hedges: Spring-Summer Checklist  Browse all of our Hedging Plants here. This advice is for new hedges that were planted bareroot in winter or from pot-grown plants during the rest of the year. Checklist Summary: Water your new hedge regularly or it will die! Destroy weeds & gr...

Spacing Hedge Plants - Advice
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

Hedge Plant Spacing  If in doubt, 3 plants per metre is the ideal spacing for almost all hedge plants. Any plants that are an exception to this are noted on their product page. Bareroot Hedging Almost all bareroot hedging is planted at 3 plants per metre, 33cms apart. The only exception i...

How to Plant a Formal Hedge (Video)
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

Planting Formal Hedging This video on trench planting formal hedging applies to all the formal garden hedge plants, like Beech, Yew, Laurel, Privet, Hornbeam or Box, which are often planted in large sizes, from pots, and outside of winter. It does not apply to the classic country hedge plan...

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