Glacier Variegated Ivy (Hedera helix Glacier)Glacier Variegated Ivy (Hedera helix Glacier)

Glacier Variegated Ivy Plants

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Hedera helix

  • Evergreen, small grey/green leaves
  • Good in sun or partial shade
  • Self-supporting
  • Fast growing to 2.5m
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
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Hedera Helix 'Glacier' Plants

'Glacier' is a delightful, variegated ivy. It is vigorous yet tidy in growth habit and easy to control at 2.5 metres. It can be pruned at any time, to any degree, it  regrows vigorously from old wood.

It is fully hardy, but will suffer in strong, cold winds. It clings to a host or wall by means of aerial roots and does not need support once established.

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Growing Glacier Ivy

It will grow in any moist well-drained soil and, although it prefers alkaline ground, it will tolerate a degree of acidity.

Hedera helix Glacier is a very useful evergreen climber, providing light in dark corners and an easily controlled background climber to compliment delicate shrubs and herbaceous plants. It can be used to quickly cover unsightly fences or outbuildings and its neat habit means it can be used even in small spaces.

It is self-supporting and reliably healthy being happy in all situations except really dense shade. Grow it on a pillar, into a small tree or even use it for topiary when the plant is grown in a pot and trained into a frame - particularly as a 'lollipop' - when it will grace any terrace.


  • Evergreen, small grey/green leaves with an irregular cream edge
  • Good in sun or partial shade
  • Originating from The Canaries and North Africa
  • Self-supporting
  • Wonderful habitat and food source for birds and insects
  • Fast growing to 2.5m
  • Very hardy out of very cold winds
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit

Look out for:

Hedera helix 'Glacier' is generally healthy and easy to grow although aphids, scale insects, vine weevil and leaf spot can very occasionally cause a problem. Use gloves when pruning the climber as the sap can prove an irritant and ingesting any part of the plant will cause severe discomfort.


Hedera helix has been with us for several thousand years and can be considered a native, seen everywhere growing into trees and as ground cover. Although 'Glacier' is a variety, it still retains its position in our ecology. It plays host to many insects and provides shelter and good nest cover for many birds. Wild Ivy species are often removed from trees when they damage their host, making the tree top heavy and competing for nutrients. The cultivated varieties like Glacier or Goldheart, however, are much smaller and less aggressive.

Planting and Care Instructions

How to plant Hedera helix 'Glacier':

Hedera helix 'Glacier' is not too choosy about site and situation but does require a moist free-draining soil, preferably where the ground does not ever dry out completely. It is, therefore, imperative to incorporate a humus rich compost around the roots when planting.

Make a hole a few inches larger than the rootball and backfill with the compost and a handful of bonemeal.
Firm in and water well. Keep well watered in dry spells during establishment.