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Lakemont Seedless (Vitis vinifera Lakemont Seedless)Lakemont Seedless (Vitis vinifera Lakemont Seedless)

Lakemont Seedless Grapevine Plants

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The details

Vitis vinifera

  • Large deciduous healthy climber
  • White grapes for eating, very sweet
  • Size: To 8m x 3m
  • Grow under cover in most of the country, or outdoors in the South.
  • Needs support
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Vitis 'Lakemont' Grapevine Plants

What a versatile number this one is, as it can be grown indoors or out. If the latter, Lakemont' should be planted somewhere sunny and sheltered to produce heavy crops of sweet, golden, seedless fruits with a light muscat flavour, which ripen late in the season.

Like most vines, it colours up beautifully in autumn, and it also has a good resistance to mildew.

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  • Large deciduous healthy climber
  • Bunches of sweet green grapes in autumn
  • Size: To 8m x 2.5m
  • Dazzling autumn colour
  • Needs protection
  • Will need light support
  • Sunny or lightly shaded position

Growing 'Lakemont' Grapevines

Full sun is essential if you plan to harvest the fruit, but a little shade is fine otherwise. The microclimate beside a warm, sunny wall is ideal. Fertile, well-drained but moist alkaline to neutral soil.

It will need a framework, trellis or wire support, quickly growing to fill a space 8m x 2.5m. It can be pruned in mid-winter to create a framework and again in mid-summer if required.

In Your Garden Design

Vines provide great cover, draped over pergolas, arbours and other ornamental frameworks and are a natural for Mediterranean style gardens. They provide excellent summer shade over eating areas, with the bunches of grapes can hanging down overhead attractively.

You can intersperse other climbers through them but they make a fabulous feature on their own. Instead you can associate them nicely with other shrubs displaying good autumn colour such as Cotinus coggygria. Other good pairings are with roses as they generally have the same sun and shade requirements. In greenhouses, ideal companions are herbs such as basil and hyssop.

Did You Know?

'Lakemont' is an early 20th-century introduction from Geneva, New York State, USA. Bred from Ontario and Sultanina.

Planting and Care Instructions

How to plant Vitis vinifera Lakemont Seedless:

Plant in a deep hole, backfilled with a humus rich compost, to which has been added a handful of bonemeal and some Root Grow, just planting to the pot level.

Firm and water in well and keep watering regularly while the plant matures. It will need some wires or a trellis as support.

Look out for: Resistant to Phylloxera and will cause very few problems. The foliage and sap are a slight irritant.