Rose Gaujard Hybrid Tea Rose (Rosa Rose Gaujard) 1Rose Gaujard Hybrid Tea Rose (Rosa Rose Gaujard) 1Rose Gaujard Hybrid Tea Rose (Rosa Rose Gaujard) 2Rose Gaujard Hybrid Tea Rose (Rosa Rose Gaujard) 3

Rose Gaujard Hybrid Tea Roses

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The details

  • Height: 1.2m
  • Colour: Red and Silver
  • Shape: Double
  • Scent: Light
  • Flowering period: Repeat
  • Type: Hybrid Tea
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Rose Gaujard

Rose Gaujard is a really stunning rose being cherry red with a silver reverse to each petal giving a spectacular overall effect. The urn-shaped blooms are large and sometimes open split or quartered and are very well contrasted by glossy, strong and dark green foliage. The perfume is slight but sweet and the whole plant is strong and healthy. It will tolerate very light shade but prefers full sun and it will flower very reliably from June until September, growing to an eventual height of 4ft. For other lovely hybrid tea roses or for roses to plant with Rose Gaujard please look here.

Great in your garden

This is a rose that needs the spotlight, it is gorgeous and showy so plant it where it can be seen. It would look good planted with white roses or associating with striped roses such as Rosa Mundi or Ferdinand Pichard making a quite spectacular grouping. It also looks lovely underplanted with blue or white perennials which offset the rich cherry red. It makes an excellent cutting rose, is useful in a pot or as a low growing, richly coloured hedge.

Features of Rose Gaujard

  • Size: 1.20m x .90m (4ft x 3ft)
  • Colour: Cherry red with a silver pink reverse to each petal
  • Shape: Large high centred urn shaped blooms
  • Scent: Delicate sweet scent
  • Flowering: Continuous from June to September
  • Group: Hybrid Tea
  • Foliage: Abundant dark glossy green foliage


Rose Gaujard was bred by Jean-Marie Gaujard in France and brought to the market in 1957. Gaujard came from a very long line of horticulturalists and rose breeders starting with his great-grandfather who was head gardener at Versailles and started a nursery in 1698. Jean-Marie began work with a very good rosarian, Joseph Pernet-Ducher, taking over the business from his patron in 1924. Rose Gaujard is his most famous rose and the only one known outside of France. The family, however, in the guise of his son, Jean-Jacques, and granddaughter, Aveline, still hybridise and sell from the Roseraies Gaujard.

Planting Instructions

How to plant Rose Gaujard

Dig a hole deep enough to allow the graft to finish at soil level when planted and with plenty of room for the roots. Improve the soil from the hole by removing large stones, weeds, roots and other rubbish and mixing in about 25% by volume of well rotted compost or manure. Wet the roots and sprinkle with Rootgrow so it stays in contact with the roots. If planting a pot grown plant gently loosen some of the roots before planting.

Position your rose so the roots are spread out and it is set at approximately the same level in the soil as it was before being transplanted. The union should be level with the soil when you have finished planting. Backfill the hole with the planting mix, firming it down as you go. Water in thoroughly. Water again a day or two later and then keep watering in dry spells.