Crabapple Trees for Sale

Flowering Crabapples are some of the most decorative smaller garden trees. They are covered in blossom in shades of white through pink to purple in spring. Foliage ranges from light green to maroon and many varieties colour well in autumn before their leaves fall. Then, on the bare tree, crabapples - like bright marzipan fruits - often hang until after well Christmas. However, if crabapples aren't to your taste then why not take a look at our other ornamental Garden Trees.

For the orchard owners amongst you, crabapples are useful too as many have such a long flowering period that they will pollinate your apples right through the flowering season.

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    • Malus 'Butterball'
    • Final height/spread: 5m x 5m
    • Foliage: deciduous
    • Use: specimen
    • Features: white spring blossom, yellow-orange crab apples
    • Gold autumn colour.
    • Max. Height: 6m
    • Soil: well drained
    • RHS Award of Garden Merit
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Oct-Mar.
    From £27.50  Inc VAT


    • Final height/spread: 4m x 3m
    • Foliage: deciduous
    • Soil: well drained
    • Use: ornamental, specimen, culinary
    • Features: blush pink/white flowers, red fruits
    From £27.50  Inc VAT


    • Malus 'Golden Hornet'
    • 6/8 & 8/10 Standard Trees
    • Native. White-pink flowers, bright yellow fruit. Good pollinator for orchard apples.
    • Max. Height: 8m
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £38.40  Inc VAT

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