Tremletts Bitter Apple Trees

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Misc Pollinator, Spur Fruiting
Pollination Group Pollination Group B
Fruiting Mid Season Fruiting
Type Cider / Perry

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Malus domestica Tremletts Bitter

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A mostly red, often blotchy apple, Tremletts Bitter is a real cider apple - one bite from a fresh one and you won't be wanting another in a hurry! The fruit are medium sized and have a hard, bittersweet flavour, high in tannin. When blended with a sweet and a sharp cider apple, they help create a rich, refreshing overall flavour and are a popular ingredient in commercial ciders. You can use Tremletts Bitter for a single variety cider if you really like the dry stuff. The fruit have a handy habit of falling from the tree when ripe, so all you have to do is place a net underneath if you want to catch the early ones and give the tree a shake when you think that they are all ready. Tremlett's Bitter trees' growth is fairly good and they are noted for coming into fruit well in their third or fourth year. It is up to you to decide whether to keep these first fruit or pinch the buds off to encourage the tree to grow more for subsequent years. Tremletts Bitter does crop well, though it has a biennial habit - one year will be good, the other not so good. The fruit will be ripe in early to mid October.

Pollination Partners for Tremletts Bitter

Planting Golden Hornet or John Downie crab apple trees is the fool-proof way of pollinating a mixed orchard. If you would rather use another normal apple tree, then select any of the fertile or pollinating Trees- in Groups A-C in the Apple Tree Pollination list.

Tremletts Bitter Rootstocks

The MM106 rootstocks that we use for our apple Trees- will produce a medium sized tree of 4-5 metres if left to grow naturally and are also suitable for training your tree into a bush, cordon or espalier. For 2009, only maiden Tremletts Bitter Trees- are available, we expect to have other sizes in stock next year.

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