Why Steven Edholm’s Fruit Tree Pruning Films are Better Than Ours

As a company, we have invested billions (approximately) in producing nicely edited videos about planting and pruning fruit trees Rodney, local movie star and coincidentally our warehouse manager, has been ogled over a million times on YouTube, where his charisma and acting skills steal the show in our best film work to date, how to… Continue reading Why Steven Edholm’s Fruit Tree Pruning Films are Better Than Ours

Planting a quince tree…

“They dined on mince, and slices of quince, Which they ate with a runcible spoon;…” What other reason could there possibly be for planting a quince tree? Well, there are a few: Now is time to harvest your quinces, and Julian, proprietor at Ashridge, has just gathered his first crop of Serbian Gold (pictured). We… Continue reading Planting a quince tree…

An Apple A Day…

Red apples on apple tree branch

It’s National Apple Day tomorrow (21st October 2022) Thoreau called it “surely the noblest of fruits”; it has been prized the world over for thousands of years; it inspired scientific thought for Isaac Newton; was, crucially, irresistible in the story of Adam and Eve; became a symbol of political and individual freedom after William Tell… Continue reading An Apple A Day…

Why I love hazelnuts. Or cobnuts?

What is the difference between a cobnut and a filbert? Are they the same thing, with regional variations of nomenclature? Is a filbert the fancier version of a cobnut with a longer husk? And how do they relate to hazelnuts? There must be a kernel of truth in there somewhere… Kent is where you’ll find… Continue reading Why I love hazelnuts. Or cobnuts?

Crab Apple Trees: Year-Round Interest

Crab apples are beautiful, compact trees with vibrant autumn foliage followed by clusters of buttery yellow, bright ruby red or mellow orange fruits that adorn the branches for many months. Spring brings prolific flowering with pure white, pink and red blossom, and attractive foliage, often with deep purple tones. Thriving in almost any soil and… Continue reading Crab Apple Trees: Year-Round Interest

Heritage Fruit: History in the Garden

Growing and harvesting fruit is one of the great joys of gardening. Nothing quite matches the luxury of eating warm raspberries and blueberries straight from the garden, picking the first rosy Worcester Pearmain  of the season in September, or finding the soft fuzz has rubbed off the quinces in mid-October, revealing shiny yellow pear-shaped fruits… Continue reading Heritage Fruit: History in the Garden

Bramley Apple and Almond Pudding Cake

This decadent cake is a brilliant way to use up any Bramley apples left over from the season. Serve warm with crème fraiche or even custard if you fancy, it will soak into the rich sponge and balance the tart apples Serves 8 Ingredients For the apples: 2 large Bramley apples, peeled, quartered and cut… Continue reading Bramley Apple and Almond Pudding Cake

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