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soft fruits

  • The fruits of your labour

    I’m sure that you, like all good gardeners, have been constantly looking at the weather forecast for your local area, and this week it seems as though it’s getting colder. The trees are losing their leaves which have turned into beautiful hues of yellow, orange, rust and red. This is...
  • Prune Your Autumn Raspberry canes!

    Eeek! Here we are trying to come across all professional and wise and we plain forgot to mention autumn fruiting raspberry canes in our February newsletter. So, the point was: if you have autumn fruiting raspberry canes, February is the last chance you will have to prune them right down to...
  • Blueberry Plants - New Varieties

    We sell a lot of plants each year and having only a few hundred of something popular tends to cause more trouble than it is worth - you sell out before the season has started and only end up upsetting people. Well, we have been building our stock of blueberry...
  • Why choose a Boysenberry Bush?

    There is an increasing variety of hybrid berries on the market, which has led to a bit of confusion between Tayberries, Loganberries and Boysenberries to mention three. If you were choosing just variety, then we think Boysenberry plants have some real advantages over the rest. But first to parentage, as...
  • When is a Gage not a Gage

    There is actually not much difference between gages and plums.  Gages are generally considered to be green to yellow, while plums are red to purple.  But there are yellow plums such as Prunus domestica Pershore.  And Prunus domestica Jefferson is almost red.... What is certain is that the first "gages...
  • Gooseberry Ice Cream (Utterly Delicious)

    Gooseberry Ice Cream Recipe to make at home I know this blog is themed around hedging, but.... June and July is the time of year that your gooseberries should be ready for picking – traditionally this is at Whitsun (which is the seventh Sunday after Easter Sunday) but as Easter...

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