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Boom Boom White Ball Dahlias

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Shade Full Sun
Soil Good, Well Drained
Colour White/Cream
Type Pot Grown, Rooted Cutting, Tuber
Also Good Vase Life
Flowering Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov

Dahlia Boom Boom White

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Dahlia Boom Boom White

The classy ball Dahlia Boom Boom White is one of the best white dahlias you can grow for your garden. The neatly rounded, tighly packed clusters of petals are a soft white, with a hint of greenish-yellow at the centre. This prolific bloomer produces flowers 10 cms across but if you fancy having a go at exhibiting, you can pinch out some of the buds and you'll get even bigger flowers, up to 15 cms in diameter. Plants are compact, about 1m tall with fresh, green foliage which sets off the flowers perfectly. If you'd like to choose a less formal type of dahlia or something more colourful, even a bicolour, why not look at the full list of dahlias we have on offer.

Ball dahlias are popular because of their perfectly-formed flowers, reminiscent of when dahlias were grown for cutting or for exhibition. Thankfully, due to the dahlia's resurgence in popularity, the versatility of ball dahlias is being fully appreciated.

Getting the best from this dahlia

Dahlia Boom Boom White is one of the best dahlias for cutting. As the flowers don't keep opening once cut, pick them when they are three-quarters of the way open. Look at the back of the flower head to check the petals are perfect - if they are papery, starting to drop or losing colour, don't use it for floristry - let it finish blooming in the garden.

Put the perfect flowers straight into a bucket of water and let them rest for a few hours before arranging them. Thanks to their strong, thick stems, they'll last for five days. Florists absolutely love them for wedding arrangements and bouquets.

Of course, Boom Boom White is perfect for exhibition too - pinch out excess buds and deadhead for larger blooms.

Don't forget that it is versatile enough to be grown in a sunny mixed border, especially in a white-themed garden and will be happy in a large container, as long as it is well fed and watered right throughout the season. Deadhead regularly to encourage more blooms.

Features of Boom Boom White Dahlias

  • Colour: Soft White with hint of greenish-yellow
  • Flower Size: 10cm-15cm in diameter
  • Type: Ball Dahlia
  • Cutting: Excellent as a cut flower
  • Height/Spread: 100cm x 65cm
  • Flowering: July to November
  • Planting Months: End February to July

Did You Know...

Ball dahlias have a longer vase life than the other dahlia types, as the petals are so tightly packed that pollinators can't get to the eye (where the pollen is) until the flower has almost fully opened, by which time the blooms have been cut.

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