Clematis - Montana 'Marjorie'

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Clematis - Montana 'Marjorie'
Clematis Montana 'Marjorie'

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About Clematis Montana 'Marjorie':

Clematis Montana 'Marjorie' has spectacular double and semi-double flowers up to 7cm in diameter, appearing in May and June. The petals are a coppery or salmon pink in colour with a cream stripe, distinctively pointed at their tips.

As the plant matures, the colours deepen to shades of orange. Attractive bronzed foliage contrasts beautifully with the blooms to give a spectacular show year on year. Exceptionally disease resistant, Montana 'Marjorie' is a fully hardy deciduous perennial in the UK.

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Great for your garden:

Clematis Montana 'Marjorie' will perform best with its roots in deep, moist soil. It is a vigorous climber and prefers full sun, but will tolerate part shade in a south or south-westerly aspect. It will quickly smother a wall or pergola with its attractive bronze foliage. Give it a strong supporting structure to climb up or tree to ramble through and enjoy the show each spring.

Clematis Montana 'Marjorie' characteristics:

  • Flower colour: Cream with salmon pink
  • Flower shape: Double and semi-double with noticeably spiked petals
  • Fragrance: Unscented
  • Repeating: Can have a second flush later in the year as the plant ages
  • Approximate flowering season: May - June
  • Final height and spread: 8m x 2m
  • Pruning group: 1

  • Look out for:

    Aphids and caterpillars are fond of the young shoots

    All clematis can be affected by Clematis slime flux, a bacterial infection of damaged tissue that can kill large specimens almost overnight. Can be pruned out if spotted early.

    Blooms can develop a greenish tint in shade/cold weather.


    Montana Marjorie is a seedling of the Montana 'Wilsonii' Clematis.

    Images supplied by Clematis on the Web.

    Bareroot planting is best done between October and April
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