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Shade Full Sun
Area Exposed Windy Areas
Soil Good, Well Drained, Alkaline/Chalky, Poor/Dry
Colour Pink (Dark)
Type Seedling
Ornamental Repeat Flowering
Flowering May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov

Cosmea bipinnatus Double Click Cranberries

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Cosmos Double Click Cranberries

Cosmos Cranberries Is one of the taller cosmos so perfect for the middle of a border. Make sure you can reach it though because it carries simply massed of ruffled, double flowers in the most stunning deep carmine which are perfect for cutting. It really is an eye catcher of a plant with flowers that can be 8 cms across. An essential member of our range of cosmos seedlings.

We love Cosmos, as given sun and water, they flower non-stop, all summer long. They make a fine feature planting in their own right, or you use them as a filler for one of those gaps in the border that somehow always seem to be overlooked. The leaves are beautiful in April/May and then Cosmos Cranberries begins to produce an almost endless stream of its lovely blooms in deepest pink. At its best planted en masse - either mixed with other Double Click Cosmos or on its own - in a border, you can also plant Cranberries successfully in containers.

If Cosmos Cranberries is cut to be used in vases indoors or deadheaded as its blooms fade, it will carry on flowering all summer until the first frosts. There is probably not another plant family that flowers as hard for as long. Cutting helps that process and as cosmos is a very good cut flower - lasting 7-10 days in water we maintain that planting a patch somewhere is simply essential.


  • Type: Half-hardy Annual
  • Flowers: Double, ruffled, to 8cms across
  • Colour: Wonderful red wine/carmine
  • Height: 90-100 cms
  • Planting Months: April - June/July
  • Flowering: May - November
  • Plant Spacing: 35-50 cms
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