Salix alba 'Caerulea' Bareroot Saplings

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Cricket Bat Willow Plants

Cricket Bat Willow, Salix alba Caerulea, is a vigorous, tidy native tree. Ideal for wet soil, it also grows near the coast.
Cricket Bat Willow is not suitable for a clipped hedge.
It can be grown as a screening tree up to about 20 metres high.
The plants on this page are young saplings. You can also buy larger Cricket Bat Willow trees here.
Browse all of our other varieties of Willow saplings for sale.

Cricket Bat Willow plants are only delivered bareroot, during winter (Nov-March).
All of our young trees and shrubs are measured by their height in centimetres above the ground (the roots aren't measured).

General description of Salix alba Caerulea plants:
Commonly found growing wild on the coast, Salix alba Caerulea is world famous as the "only" wood for a proper cricket bat. An upright tree with a conical crown, the Cricket Bat Willow has attractive, narrow silvery leaves on long stems that hang from the main branches.
In autumn, the leaves turn a slightly sooty but still rich yellow.
Cricket Bat Willows have male and female trees, both with quite small yellow catkins. These are good for bees, as they appear in mid spring when the population of the hives is increasing.

History & uses of Salix alba Caerulea
This tree is an upright mutant of white willow. It was found in Norfolk around the year 1700 and was declared to be the supreme wood for a cricket bat. Cuttings from this original tree have been propagated ever since. Its main advantage is that it can easily be made to grow a very straight stem, unlike other willows which tend to wobble a bit. Each bat has to be carefully cut with its face along the radius of the trunk: a slight deviation and the bat is considered useless for a serious cricketer.

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