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White Foxglove Plants

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Misc Wildlife Value
Shade Full Shade, Partial Shade
Area Coastal Areas, Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Soil Good, Well Drained, Alkaline/Chalky, Poor/Dry
Colour White/Cream
Type Pot Grown
Flowering May, Jun, Aug

Digitalis purpurea Alba

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Digitalis purpurea Alba

For those who like a touch of understated elegance to their gardens, you'll do no better than Digitalis purpurea Alba. It's the pure white form of our native woodland purple foxglove, with elegant white spires rising to 1.2m. They need no staking and have slightly lighter green leaves than their purple relative. Just one of our range of UK grown foxgloves for sale.

Foxgloves prefer a shady spot and will naturalise in habitats that suit them - dappled shade and the edges of woodland or in the hedgerow. The white spires at the back of a border are an unforgettable sight.

This white foxglove is usually a biennial, establishing and growing leaves in the first year, followed by flowers and seed production in the second year, although some can be short-lived perennials and they self-seed prodigiously.

Blooming from May-June, they are the perfect pick-up for the late spring/early summer garden.

Great In Your Garden...

All foxgloves are popular at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show but none more so than Digitalis purpurea Alba - there really is no equal to their striking pale pillars.

Foxgloves are great for beginners but remember all parts of the plant are very poisonous. As well as growing in partial, dappled and even full shade and most soils, plants will also self-seed. For more flowers, remove the spent main flower stem before it can set seed and more blooms will be produced from side shoots. If you want them to self-seed, either leave these alone or collect seeds for colours you like.

Alba is ideal for the wildlife garden, as flowers are very attractive to bees and butterflies.

Features of Digitalis purpurea Alba

  • Colour: Creamy-white.
  • Flowering: May to June.
  • Foliage: Mid-green rosette of leaves.
  • Height: 1.2m.
  • Spread: 50cm.
  • Spacing: 50cm.
  • Position: Partial shade, dappled shade, full shade.
  • Soil: Pretty much any..

Did You Know...

No wonder foxgloves self-seed so well - each plant produces about 2 million seeds.

Caution toxic if eaten
Foxgloves are called digitalis, which is a well-known poison but also is used as a drug for heart problems.

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