Duke Blueberries

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Misc Self fertile
Shade Partial Shade
Soil Acidic, Wet
Fruiting Early Fruiting
Type Eating
Also Good Autumn Colour

Blueberry - Duke
Vaccinium corymbosum Duke

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Blueberry - Duke needs...
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Duke Blueberry Bushes

Duke crops slightly later than Earliblue and before Chandler. It is a vigorous plant with big crops of medium sized, firm fruit that store well for a blueberry. The flavour is not quite as strong as our other varieties, so we recommend mixing Duke in with fruit salads, bowls of cereal or blueberry pies, jams and other preparations with a mix of flavours, rather than just eating them fresh.

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Growing Blueberries:
Blueberries need an acidic soil and thrive in moist conditions.

Guide to Growing Blueberry Plants in Open Ground.
Guide to Growing Blueberry Plants in Containers.

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