Pear Trees for Sale

The Best Pear Tree Varieties

Pear trees grow wonderfully well in the UK. To produce the luscious, juicy, sweet fruit that we dream about, pears trees like moisture in summer and cold winters, but they are less demanding of sun than many other fruit trees, especially the cooking pears.

A melt-in-your mouth dessert pear has few equals when perfectly ripe, and cooked pears used to be a humble staple of British sweet and savoury dishes: in our house, they still are!

As with all our fruit trees, our pears are UK grown and delivered to your door from our nursery.

All our pear trees are covered by our replacement Guarantee, so you can give them a whirl with complete confidence. Best advice & friendly support throughout. All the plants in this particular category are grown in the UK. 

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    • Only sold as a mini patio tree
    • Cooking. Holds shape when baked
    • Crops in October - November
    • Pollination group C
    • Spur bearer.
    • Pot grown. Year round delivery
    From £39.99  Inc VAT

    • Ideal for Cooking.
    • Eating: firm & juicy.
    • Self Sterile.
    • Pollination Group B.
    • Crops Late October.
    • Stores very well.
    From £26.99  Inc VAT

    • Pear Perry / Cooking
    • Pollination Group: C
    • Spur bearer.
    From £26.99  Inc VAT


    • Eating & cooking.
    • Early fruit good for cooking, later fruit for eating.
    • Partially Self Fertile.
    • Pollination group C.
    • Best choice for frosty places.
    • Crops Mid Sept - Oct / Nov.
    From £39.99  Inc VAT


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