Onward Pear Trees (Pyrus communis Onward) Onward Pear Trees (Pyrus communis Onward)

Onward Pear Trees

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The details

  • Eating: soft & melting.
  • Self Sterile.
  • Pollination Group C.
  • Some Scab resistance.
  • Crops September.
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Pyrus Onward - Mid Season Eating Pear

Description of Onward Pear Trees & Fruit:

Onward is very similar to Doyenne du Comice, which in turn is one of the classic dessert pears. The flesh is very smooth, soft and juicy. The flavour has a touch of lip-smacking acidity blended with the sweetness and a truly ripe Onward pear needs to either be eaten with a knife and fork or you have to be prepared to have juice dribbling down your chin... Fruiting earlier than Comice, it is thinner skinned and so will only store for a few weeks. Usually not a problem in pear loving households where stored fruit never last that long.

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Characteristics of Onward Trees:

  • Self Sterile
  • Pollination group C.
  • Some resistant to scab.
  • Harvest September & ripen in a cold place through October.

Pollination Partners for Onward :
To make fruit, all pear trees need to be pollinated by another variety. Onward is in pollination group C. This means that it will cross-pollinate with trees in groups B & C (except Doyenne du Comice).
Please see our guide to Pollinating Pear Trees for a full list of partners for Onward.

Growing Onward Pear Trees:
Rich soil is important - dig in plenty of good manure and compost before planting. Do please use Rootgrow - it makes a real difference. Soil drainage must be good and the sunnier the position the better your crops will be.

Details about delivery sizes: Guide to Fruit Tree Sizing.

History & Parentage of Onward :
Onward was bred in 1947 at Wisley from Doyenne du Comice and Laxton's Superb (the pear, not the apple). It is very similar in flavour to a Comice.