Potting up three Blueberry Bushes (Video)

How to Pot Up Three Blueberry Bushes

It's easy to grow blueberries in container pots. Take a look at the video below which will show you how to pot-up three blueberry bushes, where you can enjoy fruit in the summer.

You will need a large pot, three blueberry bushes, compost and water.


So we're going to show you how to plant three blueberries in a pot. These are the three blueberries we're going to pot. They’re in two litre pots, and we're going to plant three plants into this large clay pot. The reason why we plant three plants into the same pot is to self pollinate, so you'll get plenty of blueberries.

That's the kind of size that you will get when you get a blueberry from Ashridge Nurseries.

Blueberries will take the nutrients from the leaves on the surface of the soil. They naturally grow in poor impoverished soil in the edges of Woodlands in America. So we need ericaceous soil.

Blueberries will naturally get to about two meters tall. You'll be able to fit three of these into a pot and give them a bit of a trim at the same time. If you want to plant them in a single pot, get a nice large pot - 10 litres.

For the moment we're going to plant these three in a nice, big, clay pot. So we'll put a bit more compost in there, so we can get it to the right level. Good quality ericaceous compost, take the blueberry plants out of the pot and plant them at the sides. Make sure they're all nice and steady and then start back filling them with a bit of compost.

So get it down in between the pots. Make sure it's all nice and firm. Blueberries will do better in a nice sunny sheltered spot. They don't like cold winds, and they don't like hard frosts. If they do get a bit frosted, just nip the ends back to the buds. But sunnier the spot the better and the more sheltered, the better, then you'll get much bigger and juicier blueberries, If they're in the sun

So you can nip the tops off, it's just a bit died back this time of the year. Or you can wait until the spring, but it's just going around and just nipping the tops off. The good thing about blueberries is they’re not bad for all seasons. So you've got some bell-shaped fragrant flowers in the spring and then blueberries in the summer.

In the back end of the year, you’ll get fantastic autumn colour with the leaves, and then they drop off. On average one blueberry bush will provide around five pounds of fruit. So in theory, we should get about 15 pounds of a fruit off these.

As long as they're well grown and the more sun you can give them, the juicier the blueberries are. After you planted the blueberries, give them a good drink. Tap water is all right, but rain water’s much better. Then in the spring, once they start to root through, and you start to see some growth on the buds you can add just a general purpose fertilizer into the water once a week to feed them.

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