Bush Fruit Trees

What is a Bush Fruit Tree? bush fruit tree

Without being minature, bushes are small fruit trees and as such are a good compromise for those who want a reasonable crop of accessible fruit but do not have the room for larger trees.

A bush tree grows to no more than 3.5 metres tall and may have a spread of up to 3 metres eventually, making it suitable for small gardens and meaning that you can harvest the fruit relatively easily. Your bush is well formed when we deliver it. It will land (gently we hope) on your doorstep at a planted height of somewhere around 1.5 metres. The first formative pruning will have been done for you so the head should form correctly. There should be a short straight trunk before the branches emerge for the crown of the tree. You can maximise your crop and restrict the growth of the tree by judicious pruning.

Please take some time to have a look at our videos which will help you to prune most effectively. You are interested in pruning a bush in its second year (and its third year in 12 months time)

Bush fruit trees are best for smaller gardens and orchards or where use of a ladder is difficult...

Good for average sized gardens. Might be too big for a VERY small garden.
Crops quickly and heavily. Not as big a cropper as a half standard

Buying Bush Fruit Trees: Browse our fruit tree catalogue. We have a huge range of fruit varieties in in stock which you can order at any time of year as a bush if the size suits you.

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