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Climbing Roses vs Rambling Roses
Julian Bosdari 7 Mar 2017

People always say that you give the presents that you actually want for yourself.  I am not sure that that is right because one of the best presents I have received was ten bare root David Austin roses from a complete non-gardener friend of mine who loathes roses because she hates the surpri...

Pruning, Trimming & Cutting Back a Rose Bush
Julian Bosdari 6 Jul 2017

How to Prune Rose Plants How you prune your roses and trim them to keep them in shape determines how well they flower and how healthy they stay. The purpose of pruning is to increase the number of flowers that the plant produces and to produce a good, rounded, balanced plant. It is not difficult...

How to Care for Rose Plants – A Comprehensive Guide
Julian Bosdari 24 Jul 2017

Roses around the door; the quintessential gardening look. You have set your heart on it, or at the very least on having some roses in your garden. What do you need to know? Where are the heffalump traps? Where do roses like to grow - or not? Read on to discover all you (should) need to know on th...

Bareroot plants and Snowy and Freezing Weather
Julian Bosdari 31 Jan 2019

What To Do When it Snows or Freezes  You can't beat that first moment, can you, when you wake to a strangely muffled world, pull back the curtains and...aahhh! Deep snow. So pretty, so pristine and...arghh! What's the journey to work going to be like? Ho hum.  Still, before you set of...

Planting a Rose Bush
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

All You Need to Know About Planting Roses Rose plants and bushes are many gardeners favourite plant and, when well planted, can create amazing centrepieces and displays. However, planting and caring for roses can be tricky. In this complete guide to planting rose bushes, find out the best condit...

Rose Bush Diseases: Black Spots on Leaves
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

Rose Black Spot (Diplocarpon Rosae) is the most widespread and serious fungal disease affecting members of the rose family. Black Spot attacks the leaves and a bad case can defoliate a rose bush completely. This loss of leaf reduces the vigour of the rose and can ultimately kill it. Black Spot sp...

Rose Replant Disease
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

Why does Rose Replant disease occur?  Rose replant disease (sometimes called rose sickness) occurs when a new rose is bought to replace an old one and is planted in the same soil. It is generally considered that the cause is a combination of soil imbalance caused by the removal of trace ele...

Video: Heeling in bareroot plants and trees before planting
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

How to heel plants in In this video we walk you through the do's and don'ts of looking after bareroot plants in freezing weather or if you cannot plant for some time. It applies as much to fruit trees, soft fruit and roses as it does to hedging and ornamental trees.

This is a bareroot rose
Julian Bosdari 9 Mar 2020

When you order a bareroot rose from Ashridge Nurseries, this is what you will receive.

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