Introduction to Growing Strawberries

The Basics of Growing Strawberries 

Buying Strawberry Plants

Your strawberry plants are grown from shoots called runners that were produced by adult plants during the previous summer. These are encouraged to take root securely and allowed to grow before being lifted and sent to you.

  • When your plants make runners of their own, you can select the best one or two of them and plant them next to your older plants to make new bushes.
  • Strawberries fruit quite well in their first year, very well in their second year and about the same in their third year. After that, their crops decline and they often pick up diseases.
  • For this reason, we recommend that you arrange your plants in rows with space on one or both sides and keep track of their age. Each year, take at least one runner from each plant and make a new row with them. Like this, you will be sure to always have a row of second year plants that will do you proud.
  • After the 3rd year, it is best to remove and burn your old plants.

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