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Planting Blackberries

Planting Blackberries Planting and growing blackberries


Training & Pruning Blackberries - Browse Blackberry Plants For Sale

Where you can grow Blackberries:
Blackberries in the wild are vigorous & invasive, even in poor soil and shady corners. These qualities make them ideal for getting fruit from problem areas in your garden.

  • Suitable for any soil type.
  • Tolerates heavy shade (A sunny site will give you better crops.)
  • Tolerates some poor drainage, but waterlogging will kill your plants.
  • Very hardy - the only soft fruit we recommend for any frost pocket.

Improve the Soil: Anytime that you want a plant to make fruit for you, improving the soil it will live in with well rotted manure and compost is a good idea.

Install Wires to grow your Fruit: Your blackberries can be grown freely, but for best results train them on four wires:

  • Bottom wire: 3 feet / 1 metre above the ground.
  • Top 3 wires: 1 foot / 30 cms between each wire.

Spacing rows of Blackberry Bushes:
The required space between each plant can vary depending on the breed - plants that differ from the spacing below will have a note on their page.

  • Plants along the row: 10 feet / 3 metres between each plant.
  • Between each row: 6 feet / 2 metres between each row.

Training & Pruning Blackberries - Browse Blackberry Plants For Sale

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