How to Separate Spirals

Taking Rabbit Spirals apart

Here is a top tip if you have never used rabbit spirals before.

Spirals, rabbit guards, call them what you will are manufactured in rolls of 5 spirals. Because they are coiled like springs (there is probably some law of physics governing this) the harder you try to pull them apart, the more they grip one another. Try it and see, if you want.

Here is a quick and simple way of pulling without them tightening. Pictures usually work better than words, so have a look at this brief video on how to take a nest of five spirals apart.

If you prefer the written word, then, while wearing a pair of gloves (because spirals can have sharp edges):

1. Assuming you are right-handed, hold a roll of rabbit spirals in your left hand.

2. Insert the index and second finger of your right hand into the coiled spirals.

3. Move your fingers apart so they grip the innermost spiral and then twist. Because different batches of spirals can be coiled in opposing directions, you may need to twist both clockwise and anti-clockwise. One is the right way and you will feel the inside spiral loosen. At which point it is simple to pull it out of the nest. Repeat until you have five spirals. 


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