Plants that look Beautiful in April

Our monthly round up of the current stars in the garden. These are plants that you absolutely should NOT BUY NOW. April is the worst possible month to plant them as they are putting all their energies into flowering.

Much better to admire them - for real if possible - and then put them on your planting list for the autumn.

...and the top 5in the Awesome in April charts are:


Amelanchier canadiensis - Juneberry or Snowy Mespilus. These have tiny star-like flowers with gaps between the petals that en masse create a twinkling of white with some russety coloured leaves to provide relief. The effect in April and May is stunning either when the tree is grown as a specimen or in hedges. Grow several,  in a circle, for a  fairy ring in spring and a ring of fire in autumn.

Fritillaria meleagris - Snake's Head Fritillary. Who could resist this shy, retiring flower that nods submissively while possessing  the most fascinating snake like markings on the slenderest of necks. The pure white ones are stunning too. 

Prunus Kanzan - Double Pink Flowering Cherry. One of the most outstanding examples of pink frilliness in the arboreal world - the Victoria's Secret of cherry trees.

Pyrus salicifolia pendula - Weeping Pear. Included because of the softest silvery leaves that flow like water down its weeping branches. Perhaps most striking when pruned in  a severe bob to give an umbrella shape.

Clematis alpina - Meet deep rose-pink Constance, pale pink Willy and violet blue Frances Rivis - more nodding, bell  like  heads (must be an April thing) but these beautiful clematis possess grace, lovely colouring and of all the clematis they are the easiest to grow and prune.  

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