Plants that look Beautiful in March

Hazel catkins, the little lambs' tails heralds of spring - the longer they are, the closer the spring. Plant it now for next year.

Narcissus 'Cheerfulness' for its powerful scent and the double flowers are utterly charming. Plant them in the Autumn (we’ll remind you!)

Prunus Accolade, one of our earliest flowering cherries in one of the prettiest shades of pink. Plan to plant it in November.

Prunus Cerasifera Nigra or the Cherry plum tree produces its off white blossom this month on ebony black branches and before any foliage - stunning.

Aconites continue to flower in March and their acid yellow flowers cut through the drear of the greyest March day. You can order them in thegreen and this month is perfect to plant them as well as admire them 



aconitesPrunus Cerasifera NigraPrunus AccoladeNarcissus 'Cheerfulness'

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