Special Occasions

Here are a few suggestions for plants you might like to give someone dear to you on special occasions such as birthdays, Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. Many are roses, and there are masses more in our main section of roses for sale but these are the pick of the bunch (pun not intended...)

If you would like to add a card with your gift then just put the message you want in the comments box when you order. 

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    • Height: up to about 1.2 m
    • Width: up to 1 m
    • Colour: pure pale pink
    • Shape of flower: shallow cups
    • Size of flower: large
    • Scent: very strong, myrrh fragrance
    • Flowering: repeat through summer
    • Group: David Austin
    From £16.74  Inc VAT

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    • Height: 0.9m x 0.9 m (3ft x 3ft)
    • Colour: White
    • Shape: Cushioned double
    • Scent: Strong, floral
    • Flowering period: Continuously through June-September
    • Type: Modern Shrub
    • Health: Very good indeed
    From £10.74  Inc VAT

    Out of Stock

  1. Rosa You're Beautiful - Rose of the year 2013

    • Colour: Vibrant Pink.
    • Shape: Large, double.
    • Scent: Mild.
    • Flower Period: Repeating through summer & autumn.
    • Height: 90cms
    From £9.90  Inc VAT

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