How to Buy Rose Plants

Help With Buying Roses

Before you Buy Your Rose Bushes

When to Plant: You can plant roses at almost anytime of year. The ideal time is in winter, because you can buy bareroot plants: these are really the same as pot-grown plants, just much cheaper! Read more about the differences between bareroot & pot-grown plants here.

Choosing a Rose: Shrub roses, floribundas, hybrid teas and David Austin roses are all "normal" garden varietys that grow as a bush. Climbing roses are good for growing up a house or fence and rambling roses are better suited for covering walls, growing through trees or out in the open as a sprawling shrub.
Choosing the right rose for your garden is easy, just use the filter options on the left hand side of our list of roses. If you have well drained soil that isn't particularly acidic or alkaline and a decent amount of sun, you can take your pick of any of them.

Preparation: It is ideal to prepare the soil well in advance of planting by killing the weeds, digging the soil over to remove stones etc and adding in some well rotted manure / compost.

Receiving and Planting Your Roses

When your roses arrive, check to make sure that you have received what you ordered and that you are satisfied with its quality. Contact us if there is anything wrong and we will sort it out.
We recommend that you plant your roses as soon as possible, but if there is going to be a delay, please read our advice on storing your plants.

Planting your Rose bushes: Read about how to plant roses here.

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