How to buy Soft Fruit Plants

Help With Buying Soft Fruit Bushes

Soft fruit are easy to grow and will crop quickly. Most soft fruit plants are self fertile.

Before You Buy Your Soft Fruit Plants

When to plant Soft Fruit: Most of our soft fruit are available year round, either pot-grown or bareroot. Strawberries are only available bareroot, during winter.

Preparation: It is ideal to prepare the soil well in advance of planting by killing the weeds, digging the soil over to remove stones etc and adding in some well rotted manure / compost. While some of our soft fruit varieties are tolerant of poor soil, any fruiting plant prefers a rich soil to perform really well, year after year.

Receiving and Planting Your Soft Fruit

Receiving your Soft fruit plants: When your fruit plants arrive, check to make sure that you have received what you ordered and that you are satisfied with its quality. Contact us if there is anything wrong and we will sort it out.
We recommend that you plant your fruit bushes as soon as possible, but if there is going to be a delay, please read our advice on storing your plants.

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