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Carnaby Clematis Plants

Clematis Carnaby

The details

  • Pale rose flowers with red anthers
  • Large, open star, overlapping petals
  • Mild scented
  • Repeat flowering
  • Grows to 2.5m x 1m
  • Pruning group 2
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Clematis Carnaby - Large Pink flowered Clematis

'Carnaby' Clematis are compact, deciduous climbers. In late spring they produce a profusion of gorgeous pale rose flowers. The petals have lovely frilled margins and deep crimson bars, while the unusual central anthers are deep red.

This wonderful Clematis really spoils you, with another slightly lighter flush of flowers in late summer and early autumn. Being nice and compact they are perfect for growing in containers on a patio or balcony as well as in the garden.

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Carnaby Clematis in your garden

Carnaby is a great choice for small gardens. As well as keeping nice and compact its repeat flowering nature gives you a lovely long season of interest. It can be planted in pretty much any position except deep shade but prefers a sheltered spot in partial shade where the roots can stay cool and moist. It looks stunning trained over a trellis or pergola, along wires on a wall or even rambling through other plants as a support.

Full sun has a tendency to fade the flowers. 

Clematis Carnaby characteristics

  • Flower colour: Pale rose with bright crimson bars, red anthers
  • Flower shape: Large, open star, overlapping petals
  • Fragrance: Mild
  • Repeating: Yes
  • Approximate flowering season: May, June & September
  • Final height and spread: 2.5m x 1m
  • Pruning Group 2
Clematis Trivia

An American variety, introduced here in 1983 by Treasures of Tenbury at Burford House Garden Centre.

Clematis are among our most beloved garden plants. They started life in the wilds of China and were first bought into gardens by the Japanese in the 17th Century. The trend quickly caught on and from there they found their way into European gardens, where an explosion of breeding took place, resulting in the fantastic variety on offer today!

Planting and Care Instructions

How to grow 'Carnaby' Clematis:

'Carnaby' Clematis can be grown easily following the Clematis planting guide.

  • Can be planted facing any sheltered aspect. Prefers partial shade
  • Soil must be free draining but moist and fertile
  • Requires support through wires, trellis or frame
  • Particularly good for containers. Plant in a large container in good quality compost. Mulch in spring and feed regularly through growing season
  • Can be planted in beds and borders and trained up through a medium sized shrub.