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Wild Service Tree / Chequer Saplings

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The details

Sorbus torminalis

Sapling Trees
  • Native. Autumn colour. Edible Fruit.
  • Can be used in mixed country hedging.
  • Sizes: Saplings & Standard Trees.
  • Max. Height: to 25m
  • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
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Wild Service Tree - Sorbus torminalis

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The Wild Service Tree is a medium-sized, deciduous, native tree that is now quite rare in the wild. It has flame shaped leaves that turn red and gold in the autumn, and produces white flowers followed by brown fruit; the flesh is edible and delicious, but the seed should be spat out as they are slightly toxic. The flavour is best when the fruit are overripe (but not rotten) and have been frozen and thawed. 

It can be used in a mixed country hedge in a sunny location. 

Its dark-coloured, fissured bark is covered in grey scales, giving older trees lots of character.

The trees on this page are saplings: you can buy larger Wild Service Trees in standard sizes.

The Wild Service Tree was planted as a woodland guardian by the Druids. It is also called the Chequer tree, and the Prime Minister's official country home is possibly named after it. Altogether beautiful and any fertile soil is suitable. To 25m

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