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The Best Wild & Hedge Rose Varieties

Some wild roses are enormously tough and disease resistant. Below is our pick of the best for thorny, shrubby hedge use; for the most part, they are also our cheapest roses.

They are ideal for planting in areas where they will get little attention after they establish in their first year. Rugosa varieties are the best for dry soil in shade, and they are useful for protecting the edges of sand dunes from people and animals trying to trample them. 

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Can Roses Make a Hedge?

Yes, the roses on this page are suitable for secure hedging. They are even better when you interplant them with another thorny hedging plant, like Hawthorn, which will add structure and help maintain a neat shape when clipped. 

They can be clipped just like an ordinary hedge, using the same tools. 

For ornamental garden hedging intended for structure rather than a really serious boundary, you can use other varieties like hybrid tea

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