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Gardener's Delight, Alicante, Mountain Pride

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Mix of Three Tomatoes, p9 Pots. 1 Each of Cherry, Salad & Beefsteak Types

We select three of the most versatile and delicious types from our range that you can use in soups, salads and sauces: the ever popular Gardener's Delight, succulent Alicante and mighty Mountain Pride.

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Growing Tomatoes

The three varieties we have chosen are all popular tomatoes which fruit well. Gardener's Delight is a large cherry tomato with a delicious peppery flavour, Alicante is a popular medium size salad tomato and Mountain Pride is a beefsteak tomato grown especially so that its sides don't split - these can weigh in at 160g-180g each. All will need staking, but the first two will grow tall as they are cordon varieties and will require proper support throughout their growing period.

Growing tomatoes in greenhouses or outdoors

All of them can be grown outdoors as well as in. Tomatoes don’t like having wet leaves or stems so if outdoors make sure they are somewhere that is as sheltered as possible, that the last frost has passed and that they are in a sunny area. The fruit of the tomatoes grown outside are a little tougher skinned than those grown indoors which means many people prefer to peel them before eating or using in cooking. Greenhouse-grown tomatoes have a longer growing season.

We recommend planting the tomatoes in our 60-litre organic fruit & veg compost bag by RocketGro. These are an ideal size to accommodate all three plants, and will sustain the plants without feeding for three months. If you don't have a Grobag, feed weekly once the flowers form. All tomatoes like well-drained soil.

Stake your tomatoes

Cordon tomatoes grow tall - up to about 6ft plus - so they will need staking to a cane or other support and regularly tied to them as they grow. They are good in narrow spaces, compared to their bush cousins, because they grow up rather than out, but this means they require a bit more maintenance to get the most out of them. Pinch the top of the plant after the first eight leaf-nodes appear, roughly at 6ft. They will also need their side shoots (between the stem and the main branches) pinching out regularly to encourage the goodness to reach the fruit, not the leaves. 

We recommend planting your bush beefsteak tomato in the middle of your grow bag and the two cordons on the outside. Stake the Mountain Pride to give the plant support when it fruits.

Watering Tomatoes

Water wisely: the trick being little and often and water the soil, not the plant itself, to maintain an even moisture. They do not like being drowned or dried out. Over-watering will make the fruit split and under-watering will encourage the plant to put the nutrients back in itself and not the fruit. To help hold the moisture in the soil, lay a good much around the base of the plant whether they are indoors or out. 

Planting Companions For Tomatoes

Companion plants can be beneficial to tomato plants by helping ward off pests and adding nutrients to the soil. There is no need to place other plants in the bag, but it will help to grow basil, chives, garlic, and potted mint nearby to ward off aphids. French Marigolds protect against whitefly, and nasturtiums are also a pretty way to keep aphids at bay from your crops - the flowers taste and look good in salads too.

In turn, tomatoes help deter pests from gooseberries and black spot from roses.

Other plants are less beneficial to tomatoes so make sure none of these are planted nearby: Brassicas inhibit tomato growth as do Dill and Fennel; any tomato cousins in the Solanaceae (nightshade) family such aubergine, peppers, or potatoes can get blight and encourage the tomatoes to do so as well. Corn attracts the same pests.

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