Willow Trees

Varieties of Willow Trees - Salix Species

Willows can be very large shrubs or small to medium sized trees. They are vigorous, water loving plants that thrive in wet, boggy soils that would drown most other trees. However they are capable of doing well in any soil where there is some moisture and while they are often used by water the laregr willows make wonderful specimen trees. Smaller willow varieties are usually best coppiced for their colourful winter bark which can rival some of the dogwoods in terms of impact at a time of year when, let's face it, things can be a bit depressing outside. 

Our willow collection i sjust part of a much larger range of ornamental trees for sale 

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  1. Salix alba Britzensis / Chermesina
    6/8 & 8/10 Standard Trees
    • Native. Bright blood red young branches. Loves wet sites.
    • Sizes: Saplings & Standard Trees.
    • Ornamental in winter.
    • Max. Height: 20m
    • Bareroot Delivery: Nov-Mar
    From £39.48  Inc VAT

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