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Birds and Nature

  • Ivy League

    The warmth of September has kept the soil temperatures at a perfect pitch for planting potted perennials and shrubs. Autumn is quite the time to settle in fickle plants that like to bed their roots in before they have to do anything exceptional or enervating like flowering. However there is...
  • Hips and Haws

    Rosa rugosa makes a truly decorative hedge on its own or mixed with other hedge plants, especially if the plants are in the sun so that they flower well. Choose vibrant pink or purest white flowers for your summer interest and then enjoy the enormous orange gobstoppers of hips that...
  • Thorny issues

    More and more frequently communities are gated, electric gates installed, and iron railings sharpened. All no doubt sensible security measures but how about considering a much cheaper alternative to all of this hardware? We suggest a thorny hedge, alive with prickles and scratchy bits so that no self-respecting intruder (unless...
  • Cuckoos

    The sound of a cuckoo calling on the edge of woodland or along hedgerows is truly the herald of springtime. So recognisable is this call that there can be few of us who are unfamiliar with it. As such, the call of the cuckoo, along with the bird itself, has...
  • Chatterpie

    Magpie Spring starts this year on 20th March - that is the date of the Vernal Equinox. There is another calendar, and another date, but I prefer the astronomical calendar because it follows the natural movements of our Earth around the Sun. The other calendar, the meteorological calendar, has the...
  • December Bee Blog

    Throughout November it was hard to believe that we were going into the coldest part of the year, because temperatures were still in the mid teens. That’s good then! Well, actually it’s not. There is, or should be, a natural order to the seasons of the year and when things...
  • Gardening for Bats

    Bats are a wonderful barometer of the "health of your garden. Encourage them in with plants insects love.
  • Reasons To Be Cheerful

    Swallows ready to leave the UK Swallows ready to leave the UK When the weatherman announced that the 1st of September was, in meteorological terms, the beginning of autumn, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who inwardly sighed at the loss of summer. This summer has been good, it’s...
  • Feed the birds, love your bugs.

    Gatekeeper Butterfly At the height of the recession, a few of years ago, I read that we in the UK spend around £200 million a year feeding our garden birds to supplement the food they find in our hedging, woods and fields. A jaw-dropping figure that speaks volumes to our commitment...
  • Nature in the Garden

      Michael with barn owl chicks to be ringed All too often, when I express my passion for wildlife and the natural world, for birds, butterflies, flora and fauna, I am filled with the sense that I am somehow being ‘indulged’ by those that are listening –that I am an...

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