Dead and Dying Yew Hedges and Trees

Yew has a reputation for being indestructible, and given fair treatment, there are yew trees planted today that will still be alive when mankind is sailing around the solar systems* in fusion powered, garden filled hyper-barges At the same time, Taxus baccata is like any living organism and can die prematurely. Because it is so… Continue reading Dead and Dying Yew Hedges and Trees

Gooseberry Ice Cream

Gooseberry Ice Cream Recipe (Utterly Delicious) to make at home I know this blog is themed around hedging, but…. June and July is the time of year that your gooseberries should be ready for picking – traditionally this is at Whitsun (which is the seventh Sunday after Easter Sunday) but as Easter this year was… Continue reading Gooseberry Ice Cream

Hedgerow Jelly Recipe

This an excellent recipe which can be adapted to accommodate almost any mixed hedge (and its fruit).  Please remember to check that something is safe (if you are not sure) before cooking and eating it….. With the exception of Elderberries (you can buy Elder trees separately from us at Sambucus nigra), all the plants that produce the… Continue reading Hedgerow Jelly Recipe

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